This monument was erected near Gurvan Nuur tourist camp in Dadal Soum, Khentii Aimag in 1962 celebrating 800 years’ birth anniversary of Genghis khan. This 12m high, 4m thick and 10m-based monument was designed by a sculpture L.Makhval. Atop of the monument, a fire image burning like a lotus was placed. On southern part of the monument standing portrait of Genghis khan, above on west side of it a state white banner and on left of the portrait a wise word by Genghis khan in Mongolian traditional script were depicted. The inscription meant “I (Genghis khan) don’t matter myself if only my state is in peace and in order”. An inscription on back of the monument said that “Dedicated to the 800 years’ birth anniversary of Genghis khan, a founder of the Mongol Empire”.