Guide Education Center


            “Guide” education center offering 45-days course since it started with 14-days course. We are providing knowledge on general knowledge of tour guide, interpreting and tour guide skills. Interpreting skill course is offering in the following languages: English, Russian, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and Italian. Practice lessons of interpreting skill are organized in National Museum of Mongolia, Bogd khaan winter palace museum, Choijin Lama museum, Erdenezuu museum, Kharkhorin museum, Bilge khan museum.

         Since 2006-2019 we have successfully organized 80 times course and 68% of total of 2710 graduates are intervened to 40 tour operators, including Tenger Travel, Let’s travel, Taliin uneg/ Steppen f uchs Reisen, Selena Travel, Active Adventure Tours, Discovery Mongolia, Nomad planet, Danista Tour, Goyo Travel, Nomadic Expedition, Panoramic journeys and Khunnu Tur. According to public opinion poll, we have been awarded “Reliable community” and “The best organization honoring intelligence” titles in 2009 and 2017, for offering high quality tourism education.

            The youngest age of graduate student was 15 and oldest 62, while the average age of graduate students is 20-25 years. About occupation students studying in different fields comprises 60% of total graduate students, while 40% of students specialized in tourism. In last 3 years tour operators cooperating with us to improve their managers and tour guides knowledge, to ask tourism marketing advice or to train new tour guides.

         Since 2007-2008 in order to keep tourism regions clean and making great effort to prepare eco-friendly and responsible tour guides we have successfully organized “Clean-up campaign”. 

             With cooperation of Mongolian Tourism Association we have organized “Skillful tour guide” seminar to improve tour guides skills, introducing the importance of self studying.