EREEN LAKE: This lake is located in the Govi-Altai province, it is surrounded by sand dunes and drains into the Zavkhan river. The lake encompasses an area of 4km2. The flowers that grow on its edge and the many birds that fly together over its body make this lake incredibly beautiful. Locals call this the “Switzerland” of the Gobi.

Ereen Lake has a special structure that does not allow it to be filled up by sand even though it’s located in the middle of the desert. On windy days it looks like the sands are moving, yet even then the lake is still fresh and clear. When people are thirsty, they assume the lake is a mirage because of the how this looks. On very hot and dry summer days, it is amazing to see this deep blue fresh lake.

According to legend, there are 2 host children of the lake. Early in the morning, at sunrise they play on top of the dunes, however when people near they recede into the lakes water. According to legend if you see those kids it symbolizes that you will have good fortune in the future.

8 DAYS TOUR: SUTAI MOUNTAIN – Gobi-Altai province
Active adventure tour
(7 nights, 8 days)


Everyday 11:00 (arrival next day 10:00)                        
                  15:00 (arrival next day 14:00)  



Route (By bus 2000 km, by car 880 km)


Day 1

By bus to Altai town  (1000 km)

In bus

Day 2

By local car drive to Takhiin tal steppe.

Nomadic family

Day 3

Drive to Ar ovor gobi zone & Sutai mountain.

Nomadic family

Day 4

Sutai mountain – trekking

Nomadic family

Day 5

Drive to Ereen lake & sand dunes.

Nomadic family

Day 6

Drive to Taishir water power station & Gegeen lake 

Nomadic family

Day 7

Drive to Kharandaa stone & Altai town. Back to UB (15:00)

In bus

Day 8

Arrive UB at 21:00 pm. (1000 km)




  • 1 pax = 1158 $
  • 2 pax =   665 $ (Per person)
  • 3 pax =   500 $ (Per person)

Including: Local bus ticket, local chauffeured vehicle, gasoline, interpreter guide, Mongolian family, tourist camp, guest house, breakfast, lunch, dinner, visit to nomads, entry fees for monasteries, entry fees for museum, tax for national park & road taxes.


Excluding: Video & photo taxes, drinks, emergency land rescue if required, tips etc ….




Not included