Mongolia's most vast steppe is called the Menen steppe, located in the Dornod province, 60 km to the west of Lake Buir and elevated 600m above sea level. This is one of the biggest steppes in the world also it is unique because it has largely remained undeveloped. This vast steppe continues all the way till the east side of Mongolia, to Dariganga volcano. The Steppe zone stretches to River Khalkh in the north and lies east of the Khyangan mountain range.

The steppe is divided into 2 main parts: the north side of Kherlen, the south side of Tamsag. The lowest point of this steppe in Mongolia lies in the northern area of the Kherlen. Mongolian famous poet B.Yavuukhulan described the steppe as: “Seeing the sunrise from closer distance than lassoing the horse is amazing” (it means Mongolians lasso the horse from very close, looking the sunrise from very close is more amazing).