(Ovoo - cairn - pile of rocks) This place is also known as “Dari Ovoo”.  It is one of the volcanoes in Dariganga Soum, Sukhbaatar province, elevated 1354m above sea level. This mountain locates near the center town of Dariganga Soum, also is a main sacred mountain of the locals living in the southern part Sukhbaatar Aimag. It was worshipped by the locals until the early 20th century when Bogd Khaan Jibzundamba, a former theocratic and political leader of Mongolia, had this cairn official worshipped mountain. Worshipping practice was halted during the socialist regime, but revived again in 1990. In 2004, it was declared as a state worshipped mountain and a pinnacle of the cairn was gilded completely.

Golden Cairn is one of the “men only” pilgrimage sites. One who reached the summit is expected to fume juniper and pour a libation to the spirit of the land. Women are strictly prohibited to climb the cairn; instead they climb a small cairn in southern west or walk around the small cairn  along particular path.  Golden Cairn has a crater flowing northwest. There are Lake Duut in the west and Mount Shiliin Bogd in the east. Main tree on the cairn is known as Sorogshin Tree which is supposed to have been brought from Mount Otgontenger. In order to bring the tree, tea and food samples were offered to calm spirit of the land and water. Sorogshin Tree is ever green fruity tree and Siberian pine refers to this special tree in Mongolia. It is over 300 years since Sorogshin Tree was brought to the cairn without reaching the ground.