Elsen tasarkhai is a part of the Mongol Els sand dunes, which stretchs along the Tuv, Uvurkhangai and Bulgan provinces. The sand dunes are totally 80 km long. Dividing the southern part of the sand dunes with the so-called northern Mongolian sand, Khugnu Tarna is a main road. River Tarna flows in the western part of the sand dunes and it is sodden under its surfaces, so shrubberies such as willow, elm, dogwood, shrubbery grow there. In the north, there is the rocky and woody mountain “Khugnu khan”. Ikh Mongol which defines the central point of Mongolia lies in the south of the sand dunes. The widest section of the sand dune is located in the Ikh Mongol mountain area and covers an area of 9-10 km2. It is not loose sand so that half of the Ikh Mongol sand is covered with plants.