• Bogd khaan palace museum
  • Central museum of Mongolian dinosaurs
  • Arkhangai province museum
  • Mongolian national museum
  • Choijin lama temple museum
  • Kharkhorin museum


Brief description of the museum: You may already know how the Mongolian Tarbasaurus bazaar (T.Bataar) was illegally smuggled out of our country and he was returned to the country as a “Hero’s Welcome“. T.Bataar is poor museum’s most important and precious exhibit. Many people call the museum as a T.Bataar’s museum.

The Central museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs was established to protect, register and verify fossils to preserve our heritage for future generations. It comes under the auspices of our Government’s 11th Division. Our operation officially began on 21st of February, 2013 when we got our registration certification. 

T.Bataar Comes HomeOur very first exhibition ‘T.Bataar (Tarbosaurus Bataar) Comes Home” ran successfully from June 8th until 15th of September, 2013 on Sukhbaataar Square, T.Bataar and other precious fossils were displayed in this exhibition.

Approximately half a million people visited the exhibition for 3 the months it was on. The first month was free and the museum earned 120 million MTG from the small fee from the last two months. With this exhibition, our museum broke the Mongolian all records as the most visited museum also the museum with the highest income.

 T.Bataar in DarkhanThe exhibition, T.Bataar in Darkhan, was displayed in Darkhan-Uul Provincial Museum from 5th of October, 2013 until 26th of May, 2014. It graves the possibility for the inhabitants of this northern city to see the T.Bataar.

The Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs in the future: Mongolia is a country of dinosaurs and has a rich treasury of their remains. These are among some of the finest in the world. Our museum is the only dinosaur museum in the country. Our clear aim is to run the museum in accordance with the best international museum standards and create a family-friendly and adventurous place for people from all countries to visit.

“T.Bataar and the amazing dinosaurs” exhibition:  In the exhibition, T.Bataar and other priceless fossils will be on the show. A visitor will be able to see rare and famous Mongolian fossils such as Saichania (an armoured dinosaur), Gallimimus (a bird-like dinosaur), Oviraptor (meaning an Egg Thief) and Protoceratops (meaning first Horned Face)

Also, we offer educational programs for kids, students and families to learn about the amazing dinosaurs in this exhibition and palaeontology.